Tobacco Reduction in Youth Partnerships

What is TRYPs?

The Northwest Tobacco Control Area Network (NW TCAN) aims to build and enhance partnerships with regional youth-focused groups, schools and organizations by supporting activities through its Tobacco Reduction in Youth Partnerships (TRYPs) program. These activities have a focus on reducing commercial tobacco use among youth and young adults in Northwestern Ontario. 

TRYPs Provides:

  • Support for program planning and implementation
  • Financial support up to $1000
  • Support for program evaluation 


Shortly after your proposal has been submitted, your public health unit's Youth Engagement Coordinator will contact you to discuss this partnership opportunity.

Proposals Requirements

  • Primary focus of the activity or campaign is reducing commercial tobacco use among youth or young adults
  • Engagement in a partnership with public health where success is achieved together


Questions? Please contact:
Kellie Milani, NW TCAN Youth Development Specialist      807.625.5991

Campaigns and Ideas

Looking for ideas for potential projects? The following tobacco campaigns are designed by, for, and/or aimed at youth and often come with a variety of resources that are free to use to help support campaign promotion. 


Bad Ways to be Nice

Bad Ways to be Nice was created to reduce supply of cigarettes to teens from young adults like older siblings and friends. It highlights that even with the best intentions, giving a cigarette to a teen is a bady way to be nice. 



Know What's In Your Mouth

The Know What's in Your Mouth is a campaign that aims to increase awareness among youth and young adults about the dangers of chewing tobacco. The campaign focuses on five key messages on how chewing tobacco

  • is not harmless;
  • causes negative physical effects;
  • can lead to addiction;
  • does not enhance sports performance;
  • and how the tobacco industry targets youth with its products



Love My Life...Tobacco-Free!

The Love My Life Tobacco-Free! (LML) campaign engages youth to creatively express how they love their lives tobacco-free. LML aims to increase tobacco-free environments in support of healthy living for the youth mind, body and spirit





Smoke-Free Movies

Have you ever noticed how many movies show images of smoking? 87% of movies with smoking in Ontario were rated for youth. The Smoke-Free Movies campaign aims to educated people about this issue and inspire people to make a change. 



Play, Live, Be Tobacco-Free

Play, Live, Be Tobacco-Wise

Play, Live, Be Tobacco-Free means that everyone taking part in a sport or recreational activity does not use commercial tobacco products. It means that participants, parents, coaches, spectators and leaders do not smoke, snuff, dip, or chew tobacco while engaged in sport and recreation. 

Play, Live, Be Tobacco-Wise includes recognizing the difference between traditional tobacco and commercial tobacco use.  

Helpful Tips

Here are some helpful tips for a successful TRYPs event/activity.

  • Get in touch with your public health unit contact early and often. The Tobacco Youth Engagement staff should be part of the process and help you work through the tricky bits!
  • Tobacco Must be the main focus of your activity
  • Make it fun and interactive
  • Focus on one or two key messages
  • Think about how you will determine success throughout every stage of the project 

TRYPs Media Release

Are you interested in planning summer activities for youth or young adults? The NWTCAN is now accepting proposals for participation in the Tobacco Reduction in Youth Partnerships (TRYPs) program. 

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